Four ways to convert PDF to Word

It is well known that the Portable Document Format (PDF) file format is commonly used to share Word documents among readers who might not have Word installed on their computers. So, sometimes, we maybe met the occasion that people want to know how to convert a PDF file to word. Converting to Word is actually pretty simple and can be done directly using an online file conversion service called Zamzar. Also, you can try the below four ways to convert pdf to word.


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Way One: More Online PDF to Word application

Computer plaything had done a test, comparing 4 online applications. However, due to the special requirements of the test - 11MB, immediately converted - only the best applications to reach the target. Therefore, no conversion quality comparison.
http://www.zamzar.com/, multi-format conversion website, document limit 1GB, conversion work need to wait in line.
http://www.pdftoword.com/, upper limit of 10MB, need to wait.
http://convertpdftoword.net, the file name must be in English.
http://www.pdfonline.com/pdf2word/index.asp, faster.


Way Two: Free PDF to DOC Converter for Mac Software: PDFtoWORD.com

It is a free web based application that does exactly what the name says – it converts PDF files to Word. PDF to Word will also convert to the RTF format, if you’re interested in that.

This online free PDF to DOC converter for Mac is so easy to use, you don’t even need to register anywhere. Just point it to the PDF that you want to covert, chose the format that you want (DOC or RTF) and give them your email address. The web application will then upload the file that you supplied to their servers, perform the conversion and send you the converted document via at the email address that you supplied.


Way Three: Online PDF to Word Converter for Mac: Zamzar

Zamzar has cute interface that allow you to upload your file, it has 4 obvious steps so that you can follow, just like the two applications already mentioned, the converted files are also sent via email. It's versatile output file settings allowing to pick as well as the maximum quality limited by 10GB making it rather powerful to handle PDF files.


Way Four: Gmail, QQ mailboxes, view the PDF directly


In the early time, Gmail has solved the problem about viewing PDF files. Send the  PDF as an attachment to Gmail mailbox, click on the "view" or "view" link in the annex side with the online PDF reader, click on the "plain html" link page format, which can display pdf content. If you need a certain doc format, please copy the html content to Word.

In the QQ mailbox, there are also link to view the PDF attachments just similar to the Gamil, next to the PDF attachments. But it lack of text formatting. In addition, this conversion can also cracks PDF restrictions and break the limit of copying the content.
Advantages: Fast, trusted.

Disadvantages: PDF picture seems to have a problem.

In conclusion: Aforementioned ways are very practical ways to convert pdf to word, if you have some other problems about how to convert pdf to html(http://www.amacpdf.com/pdf-to-html-mac.html) to other formats, you can just feel free to visit our homepage here.

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The Most Completed Guides of Adobe PDF

Also need to deal with tons of pdf files everyday in the office? Have you ever met some basic problems about PDF related convertion or editing? It is often the case we meet. Owing to PDF files are become more and more popular and it is the best format for us to share information, so, we must have a good knowledge of PDF. Here, we have written some basic PDF tricks and tips, if you are interested in it, you maybe have a close look at it.

Q: Can I fill PDF forms online without Acrobat Reader?

A: Sure, go to PDF Filler, upload the PDF form and start typing. It converts the PDF form into images and the user can type right on top of these images. When you have filled the form and ready to print, the images and user text are combined into a single image. The other good option is FillanyPDF.com that is again free.

Q: First things first – How do I create PDF documents on my computer without Adobe Acrobat?

A: You can download and install a virtual PDF printer like Nitro Reader on your computer. You can then create PDF files from any Windows application using the regular Print command – just choose Nitro from the list of available printers. (Tips: If you want to convert pdf to other ebook formats such as epub, mobi, you can try the best free pdf converter here.)

Q: How can I add watermarks or even my (real) signature to a PDF document?

A: First draw your signature in Paint (or other photo editing tool) and save it as an image. Now open Adobe Reader and choose Tools – > Place Signature. Copy-paste that signature image anywhere on the PDF page. You can use the same technique to insert watermarks inside the PDF.

Q: How do I directly save web page as PDFs in the browser?

A: There are several options. Either open the web page in your browser and then print it locally using the Nitro PDF Reader (See #1). Or you can email the web page URL to and they’ll send you the full page as a PDF. Alternatively, you can use CleanPrint to download web pages as PDFs. This is available as a bookmarklet and as an extension for all popular browsers.

Q: How can I add annotations or text notes to some of my PDF documents?

A: Get PDF-X Viewer, a PDF viewer app like Adobe Reader but with some extra features. You can add comments, annotations or even paste images to your PDF pages. Alternatively, use PDF Escape to add annotations, call-outs and text to your PDFs online in the browser without requiring any software.

More tips to create password for pdf

Q: How do I embed PDF files on my blog?

A: Upload the PDF file to Google Docs and then embed it in your web pages using the Google Docs Viewer. Alternatively, upload the PDF to document hosting sites like Issuu, Scribd or SlideShare and use their Flash based viewer for embedding PDF into your web pages.

Q: How can I convert PDF files to other formats like Word, images, HTML, etc.

A: You can upload the PDF document to zamzar.com and convert it to other formats like doc, html, text, and more. Or you can use your Gmail account or other online converters to convert PDF to HTML. (Suggested reading: pdf to html mac)

Q: How do I Combine PDF Files into One with Acrobat?

A: In order to combine PDF files into one or make PDF files smaller, or reduce pdf size on mac, you must ensure you have installed the powerful tool- Acrobat, which give you a big help on making a PDF smaller. Moreover, with it, we can easily sign PDF for free and much more. Well, sometimes you may just need to combine PDF files into one file, right? Urgent to combine into one? Don't worry! Let’s have a close look at how to operate together.

Step 1: Open your computer and run the Adobe Acrobat Professional (version 8 and 9).

Step 2: Go to File> Create PDF> From Multiple Files to load the target PDF files you want to merge into one PDF file.

Step 3: After that, a window will pop up with several parts. Under the "Add Files" area, click Browse to locate and add .pdf files to this compilation. You can add them in any order, or you can add them in the order you want them merged by clicking the Move Up button from the lower left.

Step 4: When the file order is done, choose a file size and conversion setting to determine the size and quality as you need.

Step 5: Simple press Next button and select to merge documents into one PDF or a PDF package. Done!
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The secret of changing pdf files into other editable formats

It is well known that PDF files are very commonly-used, and it is very convenient for us to use it to share information, but it is not easy for us to edit PDF files. According to the survey, most of us have developed the habit of using Microsoft Word to write something. So sometimes, it is a must for us to turn pdf to word. Today we will take a look at some methods to turn a PDF document into a Word or other text document.

Online Solutions


Arguably the most popular online file conversion site is Zamzar.  This free service allows you to convert files up to 100MB for free.  Just browse to the PDF, select the format to convert to, then enter your email address.  When the document is ready Zamzar will send you an email with a link to the document to download.  Zamzar will also convert a PDF to HTML, ODT, PCX, PNG, PS, RTF, and TXT.  Hot reading: How to convert pdf to epub format on mac

PDF Converter for Mac software supports convert PDF files to Word, Excel, Webpages, Text etc. on Mac. It allows you to convert up to hundreds of pages of PDF eBooks to one file document while keep original layout intact. Free download and install it on your Mac computer.

Turn PDF into Editable Formats on Mac Guide:

Step 1: Import local PDF Files
Click "Add File" to import PDF files, or drag and drop a batch of PDF files to the interface.

Step 2: Choose output format
By clicking the output option on the menu bar, you can make many customized settings. Press abd highlight one of the output formats to choose the output format, including ePub, HTML, Word, Text, Image. You can also set the page range of PDF files.

Step 3: Convert/Change PDF Files into Editable Formats on Mac
Once you finish all customizations, hit "Convert" button on the bottom side of the panel and your PDF files will be quickly converted to the selected output formats. You can now edit, copy and paste, or even insert images into PDF files on the word, excel, ppt etc.


Similar to Calibre, Zamzar supports conversion between a wide variety of different file formats.  It allows user to convert files without downloading a software tool. Users can type in a URL or upload one or more files from their computer, Zamzar then converts the file(s) to another format. For example, from a Flash streaming media file to MP3. Users receive an email with a URL from where they can download the converted file. Zamzar is currently in the public beta stage of development.

ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0

Another software solution that converts PDF documents to multiple formats is ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 which is capable of converting PDF’s to Word, Excel, RTF, HTML, TXT, and a searchable PDF document.  In my tests ABBYY did a fine job of converting PDF’s into each format.  For a full license of ABBYY Transformer it will set you back $99.

Now, you have seen the ways to convert pdf files to some editable file formats, If you are doing it, just have a try in person.

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How to transfer old ipod music to new ipod on mac?

There is no doubt that, nowadays, peoples’ life pace is becoming more and more quicker, and the work burden is also increasing along with the quick life pace. Facing with this tense life phenomenon, different people have different choice to balance life and work.

If you are a music lover, songs are a big part of our everyday life. That is why music players, such as iPod and iPhone, are valuable possessions nowadays. Listening to music from your favorite gadgets can be done in two ways. First, you can do traditional way of downloading songs, transferring them to your itunes, and syncing or transferring ipod to computer free. Or, you can go for streaming websites which let you listen for free.

Ok, now you maybe owe more then one ipod, and don’t want to buy extra songs from the itunes store, just want to transfer ipod songs to new ipod? Yes it is really a good choice for us to transfer old ipod songs to new ipod in case of losing old ipod stuffs and save a lot of money in the same time. Sounds great, doesn’t it? In this article, we will learn how to transfer old ipod songs to the new ipod together.

Reminder: No matter the songs purchased from iTunes or downloaded from other sources, Amacsoft ipod transfer for mac would help you get them out the old iPod and transfer to another effortlessly without any hassle. (Hot link: copy photos from ipad to mac)

How to Copy Music/Songs from iPod to iPod with Mac?

Step 1: Start Software

Connect your old iPod and start the iPod transfer tool offered above on your Mac. After the software automatic detection, you will see the first screen as below shown.

Step 2: Select to Export All Music from iPod to Mac

Directly go to the top menu bar to click "File" and select "Export All Music" to transfer all your old iPod stored music files to your Mac local folder.

Step 3: Move Music Files to New iPod

Once you have exported the music files from your old iPod to Mac successfully, you can then disconnect the old iPod and link your new iPod to the Mac. Just drag and drop the exported songs to the Mac iTunes to sync them to your new iPod now.

Now, you see it is just a piece of cake for us to transfer old ipod songs to the new ipod on mac as long as we have chosen the right tool.

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Read ebook with kobo on your ios devices freely

What is kobo?

The Kobo eReader is an e-book reader produced by Toronto based company Kobo Inc. With Kobo, reading on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch couldn't be easier. We've been searching for the perfect partner to help you browse, buy, read and store eBooks. We found Kobo, we love it - we know you will too!

Overview of Kobo ereader

These stylish and comfortable eReaders are unlike some others on the market, because Kobo is open. This gives you the freedom to read your eBooks on your Kobo eReader or another open device if you choose. Plus with free downloadable Kobo apps, you can enjoy your eBooks on your PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. All our Kobo eReaders give you wireless access to the Kobo online store which has more than 2.2 million, including more than 1 million free eBooks for you to enjoy.

How to read ebook on iphone/ipad with kobo?

We can add ePub and PDF books to Kobo App for reading freely. If the books are not PDF and ePub format, free pdf converter for mac will help you solve the incompatible issue. Key Features of Kobo App for iPad and iPhone:

Fist Step: Turn on your iPad or iPhone and tab "App Store" on home screen. Now you can access thousands of Apps for your devices. Some are hot downloading, some are top-rated.

Second Step: Find the "Search" section and enter the keyword "Kobo" to find and download this free App. Then install it on your device. Return to the home screen and tab its icon to launch it. Now you will see a virtual bookshelf.

Warmly reminder: If you are not satisfied with this ebook reader, you can also read your favorite ebook on other devices such as kindle fire, sony reader, if so, you maybe meet some problems about converting ebook formats, such as how to convert epub to kindle, how to convert mobi to epub on mac etc, if so you can just feel free to visit our professional Amacsoft ebook center for you, where you can get what you want in the quickest way!

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The different sorts of iPad apps development

iPad is the best tablet existing in the market with amazing touch screen, great user interface design and extraordinary features. It combines the use of laptop, mobile phone and gaming over its single platform and therefore on the price factor; it proves costly. Still buying an iPad is a dream of almost everyone who is in love with technology. The success of iPad development had lead many IT companies to introduce this service over their desk. It is one of the best ways to grow your market as Apple Apps are downloaded on maximum numbers across the globe.


There are different kinds of iPad apps development carried out by the iOS developers, which are listed below.

iPad social media apps development: Can you imagine your life without social networking anymore? Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc are visited by the millions of internet users from different devices like PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablets, iPad, etc for twice or thrice a day and even more. iPad apps development for social sites help the user in connecting with their desired social networking channel without opening the browser as the app directly connects the browser.

iPad news application: In today’s world none can survive a moment without getting continuous updates about the world. Either it is technology, entertainment, global news, local news and even more; iPad application development for news aid with constant updates for both national as well as international world.

Entertainment Apps: These apps are designed to kill your time in the simplest way. iPad development for entertainment apps include the latest Hollywood news, actor/actress gossips, wardrobe secrets of fashion models and even more. These apps are downloaded on great numbers as it aids with spicy gossips and entertainment.

iPad games development: Games are the first thing that attracts the kids, teenagers, adults, businessmen and even baby boomers. The gaming factor entertains anyone as it takes the user in a different world. iPad apps development for games is carried using 2D/3D technology and this makes the gaming experience more powerful and entertaining.

Other Apps for iPad: There are many other iPad development on applications like travel, weather, stock alert, business news, sports, search tool, productivity, videos such as how to Enjoy videos on your new ipad with with PlayerXtreme etc; to name a few. All these applications are truly designed to help the user in meeting their requirements. Almost the applications are run using internet connection and hence the user is asked to use Wi-Fi for having the better performance of the applications.

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3 alternatives to copy text from pdf to word

Have you ever met the problem: When you are looking for some material, such as paper, some are very decent information for you, and can’t wait to copy them into word, but unfortunately, they are both pdf formats. How can we copy the key datas into word?

Indeed, it is not a perfect method to copy text from PDF and paste into MS Word directly. Why? Imagine this: When you want to copy a large portion of content from a single PDF or from PDF with several or even probably hundreds of or thousands of pages, copying and pasting would probably takes you hours of longer to finish the tedious, boring work.

How can we settle this problem rightly? In this article, I will introduce 3 ways to you for copying text from PDF to Word.

Copy Text from PDF to Word with PDF to Text Converter

In this way, you'll need another program called iStonsoft PDF to Text Converter, a program that will export your PDF documents to plain text (.txt) files. It supports batch and partial conversion. And the operation steps are similar with the PDF to Word Converter in the first way. The only difference is, after converting PDF to TXT, you need to manually copy the converted TXT contents to MS word for viewing, editing, etc. More information and tutorial of PDF to Text Converter you can refer to: How to change PDF to Text.

Copy Text from PDF to Word with PDF Editor

In this way, the tool you need is PDF Editor, which enables you to directly copy text from PDF without converting. It will be as easy as you do in MS Word program. With PDF Editor, you can get more abilities to edit text in PDF document, such as text, font sizes, images and more.


Copy Text from PDF to Word with PDF to Word Converter

In this way, you'll need to rely on this program: iStonsoft PDF to Word Converter. It can convert PDF files to Word DOCX format with fast speed and great quality. It also supports batch and partial conversion. Within 3 simple steps, you can finish the conversion, and you'll be able to copy text from PDF to Word easily.

STEP 1 : Import the PDF files.
Just drag and drop them into the panel. You can add multiple files at one time.

STEP 2 : Make customizations.
You can set pages or page ranges for converting specific pages. And click Browse button to customize the output folder.

STEP 3 : Output PDF to Word
Start converting by clicking Convert button. Or right click to convert selected.


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Battery Life is an important aspect of an iOS device. With the launch of iOS 5, many users feel the battery performance of their iDevices has decreased significantly and there have also been claims that the battery life is below par than stated by Apple officially. However, the new Cydia tweak by Akhil Tolani may be a savior for those who use are fed up of their iDevices powering off when they want to use it the most. The tweak is called PowerSaver. Read on for more details.

This new tweaks allows users to carry out pre-defined actions when a particular percent level of the battery is triggered. The usual iOS system shows an on-screen alert when the battery goes down to 20% then 10%. Well, for me this isn’t something that users didn’t know already. What PowerSaver does is that allows certain power processes and system settings to switch off at a certain percentage thereby extending the functionality.

With PowerSaver, many actions are available, such as turning off Wi-Fi, rebooting or respringing the device, turning off the Bluetooth and much more. A great benefit is that it doesn’t require additional battery to function, so it is pretty useful.

The tweak also supports up to fourteen unique alarms. Users can tigger any of them when the battery reaches a certain level. E.g. you can ask the tweak to turn off the Bluetooth when the battery level reaches 20%. If you can get a hold off when to turn off the right functions and how to work out the key levels, there is a high probability that you’ll get a prolonged battery life.

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Record Videos On Your iPad 3/ New iPad (Tutorial)


The iPad 3/ new iPad has a camera which records video at 1080p. There is also a build-in Camera app that allows for the 1080p video along with the shooting of 5 megapixel photos. The built-in Photos app lets you trim the videos right on the iPad. There are few ipad apps at the App Store if more powerful editing is needed.

How to record a video with your iPad 3/ new iPad

Step 1: Press the Camera app on the home screen.

Step 2: At the bottom right corner, there will be a toggle to switch between photo and video mode. Press it to move it towards the right and under the video icon.

Step 3: To the right of the switch will be a button that switches between the front, FaceTime camera, and the iSight rear camera.

Step 4: It is recommended to hold the iPad with the home button on the right to avoid you hand obstructing the view of the camera.

Step 5: Right next to the home button, in the middle of the right side of the screen, there will be a record button. Tap on it to start recording. To end the recording, tap on it again.

Step 6: To watch the video that has just been recorded, press the thumbnail in the lower left corner. The video can also be found in the Photos app located in the ‘Camera Roll’.

By following these few simple steps, you can shoot videos easily on your iPad 3/ new iPad. Of course, you can also transfer the new ipad videos to mac through ipad to mac transfer tool.


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The best e-book fans friend- Calibre ebook reader

In nowadays, eBook reading has also become a fashionable life, there is no wonder that we can see more and more people carrying a portable device such as ipad, ipod thouch, kindle fire etc to read book on the go. Among much e-readers, you must be at a loss to choose an ideal tool to read ebook.

According to the official survey, indeed, Calibre is a very decent choice for us to read ebook. It is intended to be an ebook organization tool. You can organize your books by author, title, series, publisher, personal tags, and personal ratings.

It doesn’t matter if you never plan to convert your books into any other format, such as convert html to epub. Pdf to epub etc. This program can serve a library tracking system. You can make notes about each read, rate the book, and add identifying tags that can be searched later. It’s beyond easy to use this program for simply managing your ebook reading. Simply drag and drop all your files onto the Calibre window. Calibre will import the files and fill in the information in the “metadata” fields as best as it can.  Your files can even be zipped or rar’ed and Calibre will read the files inside.

Recently, this powerful program has updated in some ways. The following is the details.

New Features

1.Template language: Speedup evaluation of general program mode templates by pre-compiling them to python. If you experience errors with this optimization, you can turn it off via Preferences->Tweaks. Also other miscellaneous optimizations in evaluating templates with composite columns.
MOBI Output: Add an option to not convert all images to JPEG when creating MOBI files. For maximum compatibility of the produced MOBI files, do not use this option.
Closes tickets: 954025 (Related link: mobi to epub)
2.Add iPad3 Output Profile

Bug Fixes

KF8 Input: Add support for KF8 files with obfuscated embedded fonts
Closes tickets: 953260

Make the stars in the book list a little larger on windows >= vista

Revised periodical Section layout, for touchscreen devices resolving iBooks problem with tables spanning multiple pages

Read dc:contributor metadata from MOBI file. (Related link: convert mobi to epub mac)

KF8 Input: Recognize OpenType embedded fonts as well.

Fix regression in 0.8.41 that caused file:/// URLs to stop working in the news download system on windows. When setting metadata in MOBI files fix cover not being updated if the mobi file has its first image record as the cover.

Fix column coloring rules based on the size column not working;

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